Harvesting of four years Breed&Feed4Food

Published on
December 20, 2018

On December 6th 2018 more than 50 persons participated in a meeting in Wageningen where highlights and results of 4 years Breed&Feed4Food were harvested. The aim of this meeting was to present the research results and connect science with industry, and breeding with nutrition. The three main topics of the meeting were (1) digestibility in pigs; (2) protein efficiency in poultry; and (3) feed efficiency of dairy cattle.

Cross learning

When harvesting the output of this collaboration, it was clearly shown that geneticists learned from nutritionists, and nutritionists learned from geneticists. By dedicated joint further research, synergies can be achieved when working on resource use efficiency, animal wellbeing and resilience of animals.

In the end it was concluded that for sustainable animal production breeders have to understand more the physiological processes and nutritionists more the data analysis. On what to do next is concluded: continue to work together and focus on important issues.