Hedwig te Molder granted with Fulbright Award

Published on
July 7, 2016

On Wednesday June 15th Hedwig te Molder received the senior scholar Fulbright Award 2016-2017 from the Dutch Minister of Education Jet Bussemaker, at the fully packed and very festive Fulbright Award Ceremony in The Hague.

Today, a total of 155 countries take part in the Fulbright program - that is grants to study, do research or teach for students and scholars in the U.S. and vice versa. The Fulbright student and promovendi grant recipients are nominated by NWO. Senior scholars are nominated by the KNAW and each year two of them are selected for a grant.

Hedwig will be visiting Rutgers University's School of Communication and Information in the spring and early summer of 2017. Her teaching will focus on conversation analysis in general and in the area of contested science issues more specifically. Her research will zoom even further into one of those contested science areas, namely gluten free dieting without medical diagnosis.