Hedwig te Molder's Library

Published on
October 23, 2007

Hedwig te Molder, associate professor in Communication Sciences, has recently received a considerable amount of attention.  At a sociology congress in New York, she received the Distinguished Book Award 2007 from the American Sociological Association (EMCA section). She explains, "I've received this prize together with Jonathan Potter from Loughborough University in England for the book Conversation and Cognition, published by Cambridge University Press in 2005. The book examines the role of cognition in the analysis of interactions (from conversations between peers to cases in court). A lively subject and I'm proud that it's caused a real debate in the discipline that I work in."

Hedwig is a frequent library user. Once in a while she goes to the Leeuwenborch library because it has a collection of social sciences books in her field. But, she's a daily user of the digital library. "Most of the time I choose the digital route. It's a tremendous development because it's made access to refereed scientific journals very simple. In my opinion, a good library also has to have an excellent digital collection and access".

Hedwig is quite satisfied with Wageningen UR's Digital Library. "In general, I can find what I'm looking for quickly and easily. And I can always give my buying suggestions to our departmental contact person for the library without a problem".

(Newsletter 6-2007)