Hiraeth Magazine Podcast on Transnational Heritage-from-Below with Meghann Ormond

Published on
October 25, 2018

In this episode, Meghann Ormond speaks about her own heritage, from her two passport countries, the U.S. and Portugal, as well as the Netherlands, where she has made her home for the past eight years, and other countries that have touched her life.

Meghann’s own identity has been shaped by both her own travels around the world and her multifaceted family history, including her mother’s search for her birth parents on two continents. Through this experience, she realised: “We are all inheritors of extraordinarily transnational stories.” Meghann is interested in how, by whom and where novel heritage-from-below practices are being developed by and with groups whose experiences have been overlooked and marginalised. Her work focuses on the not-so-easily-pinned-down heritages of transnationally-mobile people (e.g., economic migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers, development workers, international students, soldiers, missionaries, etc.).

Together with the NGO Pocket Stories, she's currently working on developing the Roots Guide, a travel guidebook of the Netherlands based on the perspectives of immigrants who live in the country.