Humans of the Bongerd: Rob Oosterveld en Loes Helbers

Published on
April 12, 2018

If you often visit the Bongerd you will know them; Rob Oosterveld and Loes Helbers. These are 2 staff members. Along with their management tasks, you can find them behind the counter. They do this work with a lot enthusiasm and satisfaction. They like to help people, especially the people who come here for the first time and have no idea what is possible, says Rob. Then you can show them what a fantastic place it is here! Loes added that is pleased by having a personal touch with visitors and the nice conversations. That approachability makes this a good place to work!

They also have passion for sport by their selves. Loes cycles regularly, but her whole life she is doing a lot of water sports, mainly surfing and sailing. She even used to sail to England with her family in their own boat. Rob is a real lover of the nature and he likes hiking and cycling. Wageningen has a very good surroundings for that in his opinion. Besides, he played football with a lot of fun.

Remarkable fact is that previous jobs had nothing to do with sports. Loes worked for the department of the WUR, which is now ‘Wageningen in'to Languages’. Loes likes it to be busy with languages. Behind the counter, she can still use that passion. Rob also likes to maintain is language skills and to be in contact with a lot of internationals. Rob had worked in the catering before he came to the Bongerd. He was a cook by H41 and he also worked on multiple festivals. During that work there is a lot of social contact, but in a total different way. He prefers the kind people here the most.

They also experience a lot of surprises during the work. There for example some accidents or funny conversations, but the story of rob beats everything. Many years ago, there suddenly appeared some gypsies on the parking lot for a whole week. They also wanted to use the facilities of the Bongerd, and Rob had to stop that as new employee. When he looks back at this week he can’t stop his laughter. That is the evidence that there is more than enough variation during the work!