Improved linking to Wageningen UR Library resources in Google Scholar

Published on
March 21, 2006

Google Scholar is a specialized search engine for scholarly content. Google Scholar is still in beta testing and far from perfect, but it has the potential of becoming an important source for searching for scholarly information. Google Scholar works closely together with the library community to improve its search engine. To improve easy access to scientific literature for its institutional users, Wageningen UR Library has now made the holding data of its electronic journal collection available to Google. As a result, having found a reference to a journal article in Google Scholar that is also part of the e-journals collection of  Wageningen UR Library, you will see a link “Get it from WUR Library” underneath the resource description. Clicking on the link will open the Wageningen UR Library SFX menu for this article.

Linking is not perfect, but whenever this link appears, there is a good chance you can get the full text on your screen in just a few mouse clicks .

The linking from Google Scholar to SFX, works also from outside WURnet. For this, you should first log in to My Library and then start Google Scholar from the Wageningen Desktop Library, e.g. from a Portal page or from the Catalog record for Google Scholar.

(Newsletter 2-2006)