Information skills for lectures in Green Education

Published on
April 27, 2010

The Wageningen UR Library has been working with lecturers in Green Education for several years now. An important part of this collaboration is delivering digital sources for educational use. The lecturers clearly see the added value of using external digital information during their lessons, but often do not feel skilled enough to search for, find, evaluate or select this information. For this reason, the Library has developed a module "Information Skills for Lecturers" as part of the "Knowledge Transfer about Information Sources” project.

The module has been designed as a Wiki, which offers a lot of flexibility. In addition to 'text’, the e-learning module contains assignments and feedback on the assignments.

  • What kind of information is available, and when do you use what type of
  • Which databases are available for searches and what information can you find
    in those databases, such as subject-specific information?
  • Which educational level is the information appropriate for?
  • How do you make a good search question and how do you execute that question
    in the different databases?
  • How do you evaluate the found information for reliability and quality, among
    other things?
  • How do you incorporate the found information into a piece of work and how do
    you compile a good literature list?
  • What is plagiarism and how can you discover it?
    » E-learning module on
    Information Skills for Lectures in Green Education

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    media usage for lectures in the recently published article “Hoe mediawijs bent u?"
    (How Media Savvy Are You?) in the journal Groen Onderwijs (Green

(Newsletter 4-2010)