Instructive videos in Journal of Visualised Experiments

Published on
May 13, 2019

Are you ready to say good-bye to your textbooks? WUR Library has subscribed to JoVE, the Journal of Visualised Experiments. Instead of just reading about an experiment in your textbook, you can watch a video that shows you how it’s done and replay it as often as you like. And it’s not just experiments that are visualised, but also protocols and other scientific procedures. Watch, enjoy and learn!

Education with peer-reviewed videos

The videos of JoVE can be used to give background information in courses. All videos are peer-reviewed, summarized and provided with citing information. WUR Library subscribes to several sections of the video journal with visualized experiments. Use the links below to look up the journals.

JoVE Video Journal

JoVE Biology brings new applications of standard techniques to novel approaches in physical biology, cellular biochemistry, genetics, physiology, and systems biology.

JoVE Environment includes methods and techniques for studying the Earth's ecosystems, addressing environmental concerns, and protecting natural resources.

JoVE Immunology and Infection includes methods and techniques for studying the immune system, mechanisms of infection, biological responses to pathogens, and therapeutic agents for treating immunological disease.

WUR subscriptions to JoVE Video Journal

JoVE science education

Jove Science education provides videos with simple video demonstrations on scientific fundamentals in Environmental sciences and microbiology, Methods in cellular biology and Earth sciences.

    WUR subscriptions to JoVE science education

    We hope that these videos journals help you learn more effectively. Do you need other (video) journals? Please let us know.