International students visit former Bijlmer prison (+video)

Published on
April 10, 2018

6 April saw 21 students from all over the world visit the former Bijlmerbajes prison complex. All of them have entered the Design the Ultimate Urban Greenhouse challenge in the hopes of coming up with the best design for a vertical urban greenhouse in one of the complex’s towers.

The renovation of this Bijlmertoren is part of a general repurposing of the entire prison complex, which envisages 1,350 private residences, art studios and start-up offices. The new tower is to provide a green touch to the area, possibly in the form of a vertical urban greenhouse.

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WUR is organising the design challenge in the context of this year’s centennial. Whether the architect will incorporate the winning design in his renovation plans will be announced at the prize ceremony, which will be held on 28 August.

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