Interview with Jose Lozano in the regional radio/tv of Colombia

Published on
January 27, 2021

Jose Lozano has had an interview in the regional radio/tv of the UPTC - Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, the University where he graduated as Engineer in Agriculture, on the 21st of November 2020.

Jose diplomauitreiking Colombia.jpg

José Luis Lozano Torres, Tunjano, UPTC Agronomist Engineer (2002). Based since 2003 in the Netherlands, where he works as a teacher and leader in research in the best university in the world in food and environmental production, the University of Wageningen. With studies in Organic Agriculture, Plant Pathology, in which he achieved honors degrees, Doctor in Molecular Biology in Nematodes in 2014. His vocation as an Agronomist since he was a child was influenced by his mother, Luz Marina Torres de Lozano, who was a teacher in the UPTC Biology program, the peasantry of Boyacá -Boyacá, the land and the San Luis farm, who remembers fondly and to which you want to return, a place that defines his life and vocation, as an Agronomist Engineer. Considered Upetcist Pride for his achievements and contributions to the Crop Biological Management Research Group (GMBC) - UPTC, the Department's Agricultural Sector and now as a member of the Academy of Dutch Sciences where he is considered a research talent and recognized by the Dutch Government as research leader, giving the possibility through the subsidy granted (VIDI grant) to only 1% of the researchers, to develop their research ideas over the next five years with the support of other researchers.