Introducing 'Entrepreneurship @WUR'

Published on
September 23, 2020

Started in June this year, the 'Entrepreneurship @WUR' team is the core team that focuses on all kinds of entrepreneurial activities at WUR. This contains all kinds of activities, ranging from curricular courses, research projects, extracurricular workshops, to incubation of early stage start-ups. This requires collaborations across the campus. The team works closely together with teachers and researchers from ELS and BMO, but also for instance with groups in the domains of Biotechnology, Food technology, Environmental Science. In addition, the team has close collaborations with the staff department Corporate Value Creation and StartHub.

Let the entrepreneurial genie out of the bottle

Their target groups are students, PhD students and young researchers/teachers who want to know more about what an entrepreneurial mind-set might bring for them. The team is therefore not only talking about creating new start-ups or spinoffs, but are mostly focused on developing the entrepreneurial mind-set and competencies of students, PhD’s and researchers.

Entrepreneurial competence is widely recognized as one of the core competencies for a knowledge-based society and especially in engineering education seen as an important topic to focus on. The team has the ambition to reach 80% of WUR student population with their activities, as is also explicitly mentioned in the strategic plan of the university. And they are well on their way! All kinds of designated tracks have been designed already and currently the team is working on the implementation of entrepreneurial skills as one of the BSc learning lines. But of course, they are not there yet and will keep innovating and developing their activities in the future.

Entrepreneurial ideas?

If you have an entrepreneurial idea yourself, or have a student of whom you might think would be interested, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team!

Entrepreneurship @WUR team