JoVE videos for education

Published on
May 17, 2021

The Journal of Visualised Experiments (JoVE) is used more and more for educational purposes. Instead of reading about an experiment in your textbook, you can watch a video. Just have look at the JoVE subscriptions.

Education with peer-reviewed videos

The videos of JoVE can be used to give background information in courses. All videos are peer-reviewed, summarized and provided with citing information. WUR Library subscribes to several sections of the video journal with visualized experiments. Besides experiments you can also find protocols and other scientific procedures.

JoVE Video Journal: examples

    JoVE Science Education

    A second section of JoVE provides videos, not peer-reviewed, with simple video demonstrations on scientific fundamentals in environmental sciences, laboratory techniques and methods, and lab safety.

    JoVE science education: examples

    Databases & Collections

    A complete list of JoVE offered by WUR Library can be found in the Databases & Collections overview. The Library already subscribes to 15 separate video sets. You will get access to the videos when you're logged in to the Library.

    We hope that these videos journals help you learn more effectively. Do you need other video journals or databases? Please let us know.