Land Consolidation Plans in TUiN

Published on
July 29, 2005

Land consolidation and accompanying landscape plans from the Dutch Forestry Commission have now been included in the TUiN database. This material dates from the period between the end of the nineteen thirties and the beginning of the nineteen seventies. The Land Consolidation Act was brought into force in 1924. This Act laid the foundation for organised development of the landscape, which has been continued to the present day. More than half of the Netherlands has been consolidated. The landscape plans that have now been included in TUiN provide a good representation of this development and redevelopment of the Dutch landscape in the twentieth century.
By searching for an object type 'Land Consolidation' in TUiN a list of more than 400 land consolidations will be given. Data such as name, location, size, history and the landscape architects concerned are given for each land consolidation, and there is also a link to the literature available in the Library and a reference to accompanying projects. A digital recording of the plans will be produced this autumn, which can be viewed online via TUiN.

    (newsletter 7-2005)