Land Use Planning for Enhanced Resilience of Landscapes (LAUREL): Madagascar

Published on
May 12, 2017

The Soil Physics and Land Management Group of Wageningen University, in a partnership with ISRIC World Soil Information, FutureWater, RIKS and WWF Madagascar, has embarked upon an exciting new project in order to support integrated decision making for landscape management in Madagascar. The project is funded by the World Bank under its LAUREL programme and will run over the coming two years (2017-2018).

Activities will be organized into two broad components. Under the first component, improved spatial data on land degradation will be produced through a multi-scale approach including remote sensing, expert and participatory mapping, and flying sensors. The second component concerns the development of a prototype platform for simulating, evaluating, and re-orienting land use and land use change processes. The simulation platform is to be used by the Government to assess the consequences of alternative investment decisions on the achievement of development and environmental objectives (e.g. food security, forest cover, carbon storage). For more information contact the project leader dr. Luuk Fleskens.