Larenstein Library Deventer in Forum

Published on
July 29, 2005

Besides the majority of the branches of Wageningen UR Library, the Library of Hogeschool Larenstein Deventer will also move to the Forum in Wageningen. This will not be without its problems. It means, for instance, that there will be differences in levels in the collection and that collection management will change.
Libraries of Schools of Higher Education are strongly connected with teaching, and through project education and now competence directed education the students are used to making intens use of the library. Therefore, project/group rooms will be provided in the new library.
A great advantage is that the library systems of Wageningen UR and Larenstein are the same. Searching the catalogue, therefore, will not change.

Deventer, too, is preparing for the mass removal at full speed. Serious consideration was given to the question of what material had to be placed in the Forum and how the various collections should merge. Books get new book numbers, journal subscriptions have to be de-doubled cancelled and databases have to be made accessible to all students. The common aim is obvious: a library equiped to offer the best services to all the students of School of Higher Education and University.

    (newsletter 8-2005)