Learn why Dr. Jan Verbesselt uses an open textbook

Published on
August 15, 2019

In a short video Dr. Jan Verbesselt explains the benefits of creating and using an open textbook in his teaching.

Open teaching materials are licensed under an open copyright license. This means they are available online to be freely used, distributed or adapted by students, teachers and members of the public. An open textbook is a type of open teaching material and is more than just an e-book!

There are several reasons to use open teaching materials, such as:

  • accessibility for everyone
  • collaboration to build collections
  • not having to start from scratch when creating your own materials
  • getting valuable feedback from others to improve your course

To raise awareness on the use of open teaching material, lecturers were asked to share their experiences with creating, re-using or sharing open teaching materials. In this video Dr. Jan Verbesselt from WUR relates his experience with using the open textbook Geoscripting, the book he created for his course.