Leeuwenborch Library back to its old place

Published on
July 29, 2005

Last year a large-scale renovation of the University building De Leeuwenborch, which dates from the early seventies, began. Several faculty groups and the library too were temporarily housed in the "IMAG Building" in Wageningen. Circumstances were inconvenient of course, but with a lot of creativity and enthusiasm the nuisance could be reduced to a minimum. The entire renovation process has not yet finished, because a whole new wing is under construction. During the last few weeks the library has moved back to its old place, which has undergone a complete metamorphosis. In the early stages representatives of the library visited several libraries in the country to get ideas and discuss practical matters with colleagues.
An effort was made, with success, to make the rooms fresher and lighter, and consequently more accessible. Ceilings and walls were redecorated and because of the lower book cases the light from outside can spread out better throughout the rooms. What draw’s one attention immediately is the library’s showpiece: the new multifunctional lending/information desk.
The library staff are quite happy with the improved circumstances they work in and certainly too with the, mostly positive, reactions from the visitors.

(newsletter 8-2005)