Letter to students about the WUR shop

Published on
March 15, 2020

Update 15 March: The WUR shop will be closed until further notice, at least until 31 March 2020. Read here what steps to take.

Dear Students,

As indicated in the letter of March 13 the WURshop will be closed on Monday 16 March for obtaining books and readers, and it will stay closed the coming weeks.

The education in Period 5 will start as  “online only”, and for some courses books and readers are required as study material.

We have made the following arrangements in order to provide you with the appropriate study material:

  1. Use online versions of the books and readers as much as possible. The course coordinator of your course will inform you on the availability.
  2. Printed versions of the books and readers can also be ordered online:

Follow the instructions of your course coordinator on which book(s) and/or reader to buy.

Search in the list for the appropriate course code.

Order the book(s) and/or reader as soon as possible.

The books and/or reader will be delivered on your given delivery address at no extra cost.

Kind regards,