Library collections are ready to be moved

Published on
March 21, 2006

The project “De-doubling and Re-numbering of Collections” started in 2003 is now almost complete. The ever returning complaint from our users that “every library has its own way of shelving books” has been solved.

The aim of the project was, as starting-point for the removal to the Forum building, to place all publications in the library according to one same numbering system and remove double copies where possible. Meanwhile almost 500,000 publications have been supplied with numberings of the new shelving system. Although the library is quite happy with this result, there are disadvantages as well. Until the removal you will have to deal with a minimum of three different shelving systems: Besides, not only the collections that will be moved, have been supplied with the new numbering system, but also the collections of the libraries that will not move to the Forum, such as the Leeuwenborch Library.

Material, which due to the move, and with regard to doubling up, will be removed from the collection (at some stage these will be offered to staff and students or sent to another 'good home')

(Newsletter 2-2006)