Library for Learning

Published on
December 15, 2016

Search and find educational resources in the new portal Library for Learning (

This year, the Library, ICT and ER&I have created a portal, Library for Learning (L4L) to search and find educational resources. The L4L portal aims to stimulate and support the reuse of educational material for both teachers and students. Teachers are meant to be inspired by and possibly reuse these materials. Students should be able to find and collect relevant resources for their study.

The L4L is a search engine that contains data from different educational collections. The educational objects are managed and stored in the original collections. The metadata of the records are harvested on a regular base by L4L. Using the L4L, you can simultaneously search several collections, filter by source, type and contributor, and retrieve the original educational object in one click.

For now, you can search for knowledge clips (source: WURTV2). Soon we will include practicum clips and infographics. We’re also improving the interface so you can search more easily.

Read our Open Science blog about Library for Learning for more information.