Library performs well in users' study

Published on
January 11, 2004

For the second consecutive year the Library conducted a users' study using the American system LibQUAL+™. One of the advantages of taking part in LibQUAL+™ is the possibility of comparing the results against other participating libraries.
In general the Library did better than last year and, on the whole, the services, products and new developments introduced since the previous study, were satisfactory. In particular the expansion of the journals available on-line (especially older publications) and off-campus access to the electronic library were well received. Services provided by the library staff were also appreciated.
Students in particular have difficulty accessing information independently. This is mainly due to too many different systems for call numbers and not sufficient user-friendliness of the website and digital searching systems. The move to the Forum Building in 2006 will offer a solution. The website and, wherever possible, digital searching systems, will be made more user-friendly. In addition, instructions on library use will pay more attention to digital searching for information.

The benchmark with the other LibQUAL+™-participants (in total 202) clearly shows that the Library performed better than last year. Then, 47% of the participating libraries performed better than Wageningen UR Library, in 2004 this was 24%.

(Newsletter 12-2004)