Looking for some leisure reading? Explore our literary collection!

Published on
December 13, 2017

Do you know that the Library holds not only a scientific collection but also a small collection of novels and popular science books? All these books have been written by WUR staff or students.

A recent addition to this small collection is 'Ietje Termietje', a children's book written by Niels Kerstes. Niels is a former Wageningen University student.

The widely read author Frank Westerman is a former student in Irrigation and Soil and Water Conservation. The documentary ‘Dier, bovendier’ is based on his similarly titled book. The book can be lent from the Forum Library.

The President of the Executive Board, Professor L.O. (Louise) Fresco, not only publishes articles in academic journals, but she is also a novelist and non-fiction writer. One of her well-known popular science books is "Hamburgers in paradise : the stories behind the food we eat".

So, if you're looking for some leisure reading this Christmas holiday, come and explore our literary collection! Most books are in Dutch.

We welcome purchase suggestions. If you happen to know a title that is not in our collection, please contact us or stop by the lending desk in the Forum Library.