MSc Leisure, Tourism and Environment labeled as a Top Program!

Published on
March 26, 2015

The MSc Leisure, Tourism and Environment has been selected by students and experts throughout the Netherlands as a 'top program'. The results of around 600 master programs have been published yesterday in the Keuzegids Masters 2015, a publication of the Centrum Hoger Onderwijs Informatie.

The MSc Leisure, Tourism and Environment received in total 82 credits, scoring high on issues such as the content and level of the program, but particularly also the quality of the teaching staff.

About the Keuzegids Masters 2015 

The new Keuzegids Masters 2015 lists the master programs of Dutch Universities and Applied Science Universities. Small master programs are often appreciated due to their small numbers of students or strong student-teacher interactions. The scores for all programs are primarily established by students through the National Student Inquiry (NSE) that is organised by Studiekeuze123. These scores count for 70% of the final assessment, wheres the remaining 30 % is accounted for by expert judgement of the accreditation institution of the NVAO.

The fifteen top programs (with credits) at Wageningen University are:

  1. Geo-information Science (88)
  2. International Land- and Water Management (88)
  3. Plant Sciences (84)
  4. Leisure, Tourism and Environment (82)
  5. Development and Rural Innovation (80)
  6. Biotechnology (80)
  7. Food Safety (80)
  8. Animal Sciences (80)
  9. Forest and Nature Conservation (78)
  10. Plant Biotechnology (78)
  11. Food Quality Management (78)
  12. Food Technology (78)
  13. Biosystems Engineering (78)
  14. Organic Agriculture (76)
  15. Nutrition and Health (76)

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