MSc colloquium by Kristien Wiegersma entitled ‘Climate Ambitions and Responsibilities in Dutch Municipalities

Published on
February 11, 2020

You are hereby cordially invited to the MSc thesis presentation by Kristien Wiegersma entitled ‘Climate Ambitions and Responsibilities in Dutch Municipalities. An interpretation’.

Supervisors: Dr. Sylvia Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen, PAP
Examiner: Dr. Aarti Gupta, ENP
Date: 13.2.2020
Time: 12.30-13.30 hours
Location: room 3029, Leeuwenborch, Wageningen

Municipalities in the Netherlands have created climate ambitions and have developed climate plans to reach these ambitions in relation to the energy transition. Reasons for the creation of these ambitions and the evaluation of their local climate action plans are at the core of the research. The influence of a feeling of climate responsibility in the creation of climate ambitions and plans is cautiously considered.

This thesis consists of research of 11 Dutch municipalities by means of documents analysis and interviews with public officials.

Looking at the climate responsibility in relation to higher levels of government, it is found that most public officials consider the current support of the national government as insufficient to take the municipalities’ prescribed leading role in the energy transition.