Make your publication Open Access!

Published on
July 19, 2011

Many publishers (including Reed Elsevier) allow authors to make the final version of the publication (the so-called ‘Postprint’) available to the outside world via the repository following completion of the referee process. Open Access improves the visibility and accessibility of the publication, which can result in a slightly higher citation score.

Wageningen Yield (WaY) is Wageningen UR’s repository, with the bibliographical descriptions and if possible a link to the full text of the publication. Wageningen UR supports Open Access by encouraging authors to file the Postprint of their article in the repository.

To this end, the following steps should be followed:

  • Check whether the article is not already subject to Open Access. Wageningen UR authors can make their publications Open Access directly through the publisher Springer using the Open Choice model (at no additional cost). There are also publishers (including Cambridge University Press) that allow the publisher’s version to be made available through the repository after a certain period of time.
  • Consult the list of periodicals by following the link to Sherpa Romeo to ascertain whether a periodical allows Postprints to be filed in this way. This list provides an overview of all JCR periodicals in which Wageningen UR authors have had work published in the past. Search directly in the Sherpa Romeo list.
  • Before offering the Postprint to WaY, add a cover sheet to the publication. Download the template for this.
  • Send the document to the Library.

Wageningen UR Library will ensure that the Postprint is made available through WaY.

More information:

(newsletter 4-2011)