Manure portal and Groen Kennisnet

Published on
December 6, 2011

A recent example of cooperation is publishing company Agrimedia’s new Mestportaal (Manure Portal). Groen Kennisnet provides Mestportaal with descriptions of relevant digitally available articles and publications. The Mestportaal presents these descriptions on the various pages and under the button Publications. The publications are not on the Mestportaal, but are linked to the e-depot of Wageningen UR Library.

In exchange, (with an embargo of two months), Agrimedia supplies the digital version of articles from journals like LandbouwMechanisatie, Vakblad Geitenhouderij and Tuin en Park Techniek. These articles then supplement Wageningen UR Library’s collection for Groen Kennisnet.

Due to the cooperation between Groen Kennisnet and Agrimedia, a lot of information and knowledge about manure and minerals is easily accessible to farmers, education and other interested parties.

(newsletter 6-2011)