Many questions about ResearchGate

Published on
December 2, 2015

ResearchGate is a social network site for academic researchers to create their own profiles, list their publications and interact with each other. There were many questions during the workshop held in Impulse on December 1st. For those who want to reread the answers and for those who could not attend the workshop we uploaded the presentation.

The most asked question is: "Is it allowed to share the full text of my paper on ResearchGate?" Uploading the full text is considered as making it public. If you have published your paper in a journal you should check the publisher’s conditions. The best place to do so is the Sherpa/Romeo database. ResearchGate attempts to do an automatic check on this database but if you want to be sure better check yourself.
This question and other questions were answered at the workshop in Impulse at 1 December. There was a panel that shared its experiences with ResearchGate with the audience.
Do you think the emails ResearchGate sends to you are annoying? You can switch them off:

Go to > [arrow down icon upper right] > Settings > Notifications > [uncheck things you do not want].

Do you have other questions about ResearchGate, please send us an email.

Presentation ResearchGate, 1 December 2015