Maria El Gemayel has joined the Law Group per October 25 as an External PhD Student

Published on
November 15, 2021

Maria El Gemayel is a PhD candidate at Wageningen University. She is a licensed dietitian and has been working as a legal consultant and food law researcher since 2016. She holds an LLM in Food Law from De Montfort University (with honours) with focus on food safety and quality in the EU, and a BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics from the American University of Beirut (with distinction).

Maria’s legal experience includes research and advisory related to food safety, quality, packaging and marketing in the EU and Lebanon, as well as research and advisory related to the pharmaceutical and paramedical fields. Prior to shifting to the legal industry, she has worked both in clinical and hospital settings as a medical nutrition therapist and weight loss specialist. This dual qualification allows her to have both a scientific and legal approach in her work, specifically the integration of scientific data and research in policy development, which is the core of her PhD research.

Maria is fluent in English, French, Arabic and Italian.

Publications can be accessed under the heading 'publications'.