Martijn Duineveld nominated for the Teacher of the Year award

Published on
December 15, 2015

For the second time in a row Martijn Duineveld has been nominated for the Teacher of the Year award.

Martijn is nominated, first of all, on basis of course evaluations in the academic year 2014-2015. A list was composed of 250 teachers. From October 26 to November 6, students (2nd year and up) voted for their favourite teachers. 1548 students (about 21% of those eligible to vote) have done so. From these results a longlist was composed on the sum of the number of votes in relation to the total and in relation to the number of course registrations. 16 best-scoring teachers are on the long list.

These teachers are interviewed by a student jury, but not by students that have followed any of their courses. The student jury asks teachers about, for example, their ideas on education, their way of teaching and their motivation to be a teacher. On the basis of these interviews, the student jury decides who will be the Teacher of the Year 2016 in January. The winner will be announced during the Dies Natalis on  Wednesday March 9th, 2016.