Martin Herold on new climate agreement

Published on
December 16, 2015

Martin Herold was interviewed by Resource on the new climate agreement.
The climate agreement concluded in Paris offers reason for optimism according to Martin Herold. All the practical puzzle pieces of recent years are finally fitted into a larger plan.

In Paris Martin Herold experienced his tenth climate conference. On the climate agreement, Herold states: ‘That is a big deal, a big step after all those little steps. You do not often see that 195 countries agree.’ Herold stresses the bottom-up agreement, the actions of social organizations and companies, and the promintent role of forests in the agreement.

Herold thinks that Wageningen UR can help to prevent deforestation. For example, it must be monitored that indeed no tropical rainforest is being cut during production manufacturing operations of companies that have promised to combat deforestation.

Herold also hopes interdisciplinary research. For example combating deforestation and climate friendly agriculture have a lot in common. ‘Wageningen UR must also want to be a world leader in these types of domain combinations.’

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