Maryna Strokal wins a Storm-van der Chijs stipend

Published on
October 20, 2015

Friday 16 October Maryna Strokal is awarded being one of the three most talented female WUR PhD candidates.

Maryna's PhD project is entitled Nutrient Export by Rivers to Coastal Waters of China: An Integrated Modelling Approach.

Maryna: "My research project is funded through an NWO program aimed at strengthening collaboration between The Netherlands and China. As a result of this research we have expanded our collaboration into a network throughout China (e.g., Peking University of China and Chinese Academy of Sciences)."

"My research aims at simulating water pollution as a function of human activities on land and river basin characteristics. I started from the existing Global NEWS-2 (Nutrient Export from WaterSheds) model. I developed my own Chinese version of the model. The novelty of my work is in an elegant downscaling approach, and a better modelling approach for animal manure and sewage, which are important causes of river pollution in China. Using the developed model I showed a side-effect of transitions in Chinese agriculture on water quality in China. This side-effect is that much more nutrients are lost from agriculture to aquatic systems in China, polluting rivers and coastal waters by nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. This is because animal manure is not recycled, but considered a waste stream. I was the first to analyse this quantitatively for all of China."

Maryna plans to defend her PhD late 2016/early 2017. She will use the stipend for strengthening and building up an international network in her career.

Read the announcement of the Storm-van der Chijs Fund.

Storm-van der Chijs Fund

The objective of the Storm-van der Chijs Fund is to encourage and support Wageningen University female scientists to pursue their study and career in science. The fund awards three stipends of €1,500 each every two years to promising female Wageningen University PhD students. The stipend is a recognition of their work and is an encouragement to invest in their scientific career and to build up an international network.

The Storm-van der Chijs Fund was named after Mienette Storm-van der Chijs (1814-1895), pioneer in Agricultural Sciences and champion of (agrarian) education for girls.