MetaLib: One search interface for multiple databases

Published on
January 11, 2004

Searching in library files can be complex, because search questions for each bibliographic database or e-journals-collection must be formulated separately. However, there are various initiatives available to simplify the search; the use of SFX was announced in the last newsletter. The Library has now begun preparations for implementing MetaLib, which can be used to search in various databases simultaneously via one search interface. MetaLib offers numerous possibilities, which simplify literature searches such as:

  • Searching for the correct, and available, sources in the Library
  • Simultaneous searching in various databases
  • Presentation of search results from multiple sources in one format
  • Saving search questions and results
  • Saving preferred sources and sets of them

The experienced user can search directly and continuously using the usually more advanced search possibilities from individual databases. Due to its unique method of working, MetaLib is able to connect optimally with the current Wageningen Desktop Library. It provides access to the so-called 'deep web content' (information that for the majority of search engines such as Google is unavailable), and also allows for subscription agreements and licences. Functionalities such as My Library, Subject Portals and SFX developed by the Library, in combination with MetaLib, provide even more possibilities for designing your own personal information environment. MetaLib will be available in 2005.

(Newsletter 12-2004)