Minister key note speaker during Water Conference

Published on
October 16, 2018

Thursday afternoon 18 October Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, Dutch Minister for Infrastructure and Water Management, will be keynote speaker during the Water Science for Impact Conference. Her speech will focus on ‘working together to increase impact’.

Before her plenary key note, the minister will be updated on WUR’s internal and external cooperations with both public authorities and the private sector on water challenges. In her presence, the Dutch Water Authorities and Wageningen Environmental Science Group will sign a cooperation agreement on joining forces in the Blue Deal programme. The Blue Deal programme aims to bring sufficient water of good quality to 20 billion people in 40 countries.

Apart from the Blue Deal, the minister also requested to learn about WUR's actions and solutions on dealing with extreme weather, the Water Nexus programme that develops sustainable solutions for companies to re-use their process water, and the 'Wageningen water strategy', aimed at increasing Wageningen’s impact on water quality & quantity.

The speech from Cora van Nieuwenhuizen will be followed by adresses of both Josan Meijers (Vice governor Province of Gelderland) and Stefan Uhlenbrook (Coordinator UN World Water Assessment Programme) on cooperation and sustainable development.

More information about the conference, which takes place 16-18 October, and the programme can be found here.