Monthly activities at Wageningen Campus now on Campus Calendar

Published on
September 5, 2016

Simultaneously with the opening of the academic year is the Campus calendar was launched; a paper diary published monthly from now on which shows all activities for users of the campus. The agenda is in flyer form, printed on FSC-certified paper, and can easily be carried out from the specially made recognizable displays. These can be found in most of the buildings of the campus, always at a central location.

Always consult to the digital calendar

Keep in mind that the paper calendar might not be completely up to date. It is advisable to always consult the website of Wageningen Campus, because the latest version of the calendar is there, as well as more information about the activities. The Facebook page of the campus is a good source to stay informed of everything that happens on campus.

Sign in your activity

If you miss an activity or you are organizing something, let us know. Use the form on the campus website to add your activity to the agenda and in the campus calendar.

Campaign Discover your Campus

Calendar, website and Facebook of Wageningen Campus make the 'liveliness' on campus visible. There is more to discover than you thought: Discover your campus. The campaign includes a billboard at the entrance of the campus and infocasters are visible the next few weeks. In that campaign you see staff and students of Wageningen taking a selfie.

Take a selfie on campus

At the launch on Monday, September 5th, anyone who is at the campus at that time is invited to take a selfie and share the selfie via Instragram with #CampusWUR. If you are interested in having this selfie printed, an Instagrambusje is driving around where you can pick up your printed photo. A team of students is walking around campus to alert people to the action and assist where necessary.

This instagrambusje stands on three different locations:

11.00-13.00 hr BBQ place for Forum, near the bridge and the concrete seats
13.00-14.00 hr At the entrance of Orion, next to the bike racks
14.00-15.00 hr At the terrace of the spot (on the other side of Orion)

The photos can be downloaded from September 6th through the campus website and Facebook.