Musical WUR students play home game

Published on
March 7, 2018

Six students from Wageningen take part in the concert of the Dutch Student Orchestra in Forum tomorrow. The orchestra plays in celebration of the centenary of WUR.

The six students just ended a very special month. In Februari they toured through Europe with the Dutch Student Orchestra (NSO). Ten rehearsal days and twelve concerts later, Sanne van Dijk (oboe), Ruben Kuijpers (violin), Mariska Tol (French horn), Maarten Walraven (percussion), David Blankestijn (trumpet), and Fieke Lucassen (viola) are back on campus again. Tomorrow, NSO will play its last concert in the Forum of WUR.

The Dutch Student Orchestra tours the Netherlands annually with different students joining each time. Throughout the entire month of February, they were on the road; first, they rehearsed for ten days, followed by ten concerts throughout the Netherlands. This year the Dutch Student Orchestra also performed in Austria and Slovenia. During these travels, the students stayed overnight at host families.

Best piece

This year, the orchestra consisted of 85 students from all over the Netherlands, of which six are from WUR. “The ensemble was tuned to the piece Petrushka by Igor Stravinsky. That is the highlight of the repertoire, towards which the whole concert builds”, Walraven explains. According to the students, that is also the most beautiful piece that they play.

Paper airplanes flew from the balcony
Sanne van Dijk

“In general, it goes better with each rehearsal and every concert”, Walraven says. “Except for the fourth concert”, Van Dijk adds. “At that concert, there were 140 first graders in the room and whenever there was silence, they thought it had ended. At one point, paper airplanes flew from the balcony. That disturbed everyone’s concentration.” It still sounded beautiful, according to Tol. “It was still quite good, but we no longer had a good feeling while playing”, she says.

Opening concert

The concert tomorrow will build towards a festive evening during which WUR students and staff members will toast to the 100-year anniversary. Those who will not be attending the Dutch Student Orchestra’s concert can join from 9.30 pm onwards at the Wisdom & Wonder Pavilion. At which time there will be a social gathering with performances by big band Sound of Science and DJ Robert Feelgood. Around midnight, Rector Magnificus, Arthur Mol, will take the floor for the official start of the anniversary year. The evening will be concluded with a spectacular laser light show, representing the past, present, and future of WUR.

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