NWO supports Wageningen startups with grants

Published on
August 17, 2020

Six Wageningen researchers, amongst them Dr. Vittorio Saggiomo of BNT, have been granted funding by the Dutch Research Council NWO to help them go into business with their knowledge.

Vittorio Saggiomo, who works in the BioNanoTechnology chair group, is due to get 40,000 euros from the NWO. He is going to use the grant to make special tailor-made bioreactors using a 3D printer. He is working on this with alumnus Carlos Serrano’s startup Remode Solutions. With the aid of 3D printer technology, they can print bioreactors using reusable materials quickly and cheaply. The company focuses on bioreactors with a capacity of five to ten litres for locations such as pharmaceutical and environmental technological research labs. The full article of Resourse can be read here.