New: BioCyc database collection

Published on
May 18, 2021

BioCyc is a collection of organism specific genome and metabolic pathway databases. BioCyc provides data for sequenced genomes and bioinformatics software tools.

BioCyc database collection

BioCyc and Pathway Tools provide extensive data for sequenced genomes, and a wide suite of bioinformatics tools. The databases provides references on genomes, metabolic pathways, and in some cases, regulatory networks of thousands of sequenced organisms. Each database combines information from three sources: computational inferences, imported data and manual curation.

How does it work

On the BioCyc website you will find several tools and tutorials to show you how it works. Go to the Guided tour or listen to a webinar on SmartTables or Zoomable metabolic maps. Most of the webinars are offered as a mp4 video and they can be found on YouTube. You have to log in to the Library to use BioCyc.

Databases & Collections

The Library has subscribeb to this new resource at the request of several users. In Databases & Collections, we recommend interesting resources on research fields for staff and students of Wageningen University & Research. If you know of any encyclopaedias or databases from WUR Library Search that are not in the selection of Databases & Collections yet, please contact us.