New MOOC developed by students: Becoming an Agent of Sustainable Change

Published on
June 25, 2020

During the past year a small group of students have developed a MOOC (online course) called: Becoming an Agent of Sustainable Change.

In this course, learners are equipped with the sustainability competencies to develop their own sustainability project and become sustainable change agents. First, the learners are introduced to sustainability and are encouraged to think critically about it. Then, five sustainability  competencies (see image) are trained: systems thinking competency, normative competency, collaborative competency, anticipatory competency and action competency. These competencies are directly practiced by the learners by applying the competencies to their own projects! Finally, learners are encouraged to reflect on what they have learned and work on their reflective competency.

The first run of the MOOC has started on May 26th and has currently about 1400 learners from 116 different countries. This first run will be moderated and evaluated by one of the students Robin van der Sluijs as part of her internship. The MOOC was developed with the support of Judith Gulikers (ELS) and the Open and Online team of the Education Support Center.

This is the link to the MOOC: