New master programme Governance of Sustainability Transformations

Published on
February 28, 2022

A new master programme will start at Wageningen University in September 2022. The M.Sc. programme Governance of Sustainability Transformations is one of a series in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability challenges relate to our most basic needs: climate, water, energy, food, and biodiversity. How can we bring about fundamental transformative changes in the way we think, organize, decide, and act to address these challenges? Can governments, businesses, and civil society organize or steer these transformations? And how to do so in the face of growing inequality, urbanization, digitalization, and the rise of populism for example?

These are some of the big governance questions that are at the core of this programme. We aim to educate students who will be the future leaders in governments, NGOs and academia. Our students will develop in-depth understanding of the social, political and legal dimensions of transformative governance. Students will be trained to design and negotiate over novel governance arrangements in sustainability challenges in the future.

Five specialisation courses

  • Grand challenges for the governance of sustainability transformations
  • Transnational environmental law and regulation
  • Transformative sustainability practices for systemic change
  • Comparative public governance for sustainability transformations
  • Design and research for transformative sustainability governance

Admission and application

Students with a bachelor in in a relevant Social Science field, or a BSs in Environmental Sciences with a substantial social sciences component, may be eligible for this master. Check Admission and Application for more information.