New master programme Sustainable Business and Innovation

Published on
February 28, 2022

The new master programme Sustainable Business and Innovation will start at Wageningen University in September 2022. The M.Sc. programme is one of a series in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The world faces enormous sustainability challenges and must rely for an important part on innovative businesses to address these. How to feed the world in 2050, for instance? There are no obvious solutions for being profitable while contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To meet SDGs, firms, markets and ecosystems need to transform, realizing organizational renewal, making effective use of data-driven and smart innovations, and re-aligning with partners in global and local value chains. Small or large, established or new, firms must rethink where they go and why. Businesses strategize, innovate, and reorganize to simultaneously meet needs of customers and stakeholders. Dynamic, complex challenges are paramount particularly in food and agribusiness.

The programme focusses on the future of sustainable business, including agribusiness. Students will get to understand innovation and transformation at all relevant business levels (business ecosystems, value chains, corporations, business models, product-market combinations, teams, personnel). They will learn to approach business in an inter-disciplinary manner, related to the life sciences. They will acquire the knowledge and skills, and develop competences suited to changemakers. This programme trains students in business science for impact

Our students will acquire knowledge, skills and competencies from both business science and marketing to become managers, marketers or entrepreneurs who will lead a sustainable business contributing to a sustainable future.

Admission and application

Students with a bachelor in Business Sciences (including Business Economics), or in Life Sciences (including plant sciences, environmental sciences, food technology, and animal sciences) and having also done (Agri-)Business Science courses may be eligible for this master. Check Admission and Application for more information.