New projects awarded

Published on
May 1, 2015

Several new projects were awarded at the end of 2014, including a consortium for knowledge & innovation in propagation materials (TKI-U) within the government-defined horticulture & propagation materials top sector.

This project will focus on research on wart disease in potato, on both the plant and the pathogen level, over the coming four years together with eight potato breeding companies from various EU member states. Two PhD students will be working on this project, one of whom has already been appointed.

Another project called Prediction of Candidate genes for Traits Using Interoperable Genome Annotations and Literature will be organised together with the Dutch EScience centre in Amsterdam, for which we recently appointed a PhD student with an MSc degree in bioinformatics. This links to our research topic on how to link gene banks and ~omics data (see, e.g. Finkers et al. (2015). Plant Genetic Resources 13: 90–93).