New research strategy for the Environmental Policy Group

Published on
June 1, 2016

The Environmental Policy Group has re-established its research strategy to focus on five core research innovation themes: sustainable urban infrastructures, marine governance, sustainable food transformations, governing environmental mobilities and governing climate futures.

These themes renew ENP's vision to maintain high quality, globally oriented research on social and political transformations of the environment. At this vision is the development of theoretical perspectives for understanding change processes towards sustainable and equitable environmental outcomes.

ENP staff and PhDs alike will contribute directly to these themes in terms of their individual research. It is also hoped that the themes will also provide a basis for collaboration with other chair groups in the social sciences group and beyond.

More information on the new research strategy and the five themes can be found here. In the coming weeks each of the five research themes will be presented.

ENP Metrics infographic 2016 May.png