New round of orientation sessions

Published on
October 23, 2007

In conjunction with the opening of the Forum Library, we organised orientation sessions for employees of the various Sciences Groups that had to say good-bye to their libraries because of the move to the Forum Library. These sessions were held from 10 to 20 September. During the tours of the new library, participants were told and showed where they can now find the collections for their field. They also got a demonstration of the digital library and its latest developments. The turnout was excellent; almost 300 employees got acquainted with the new, beautiful library. They also used the tours as an opportunity to ask questions and make comments. The researchers remarked that although they make heavy use of the digital library, they would still like to see documents from the paper collections delivered fast. It also came out that it was not clear that only a fraction of the collection was in the public space of the library; many books are in the library's repositories and nearly all of the scientific journals (>9000) are only available in the Digital Library.

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(Newsletter 6-2007)