New shelving system

Published on
July 29, 2005

The new library in the Forum will be opened in the autumn of 2006. Collections from most of the existing local libraries will be assembled there. Until now almost in each location the books have their own call numbers. In the Forum - and all the remaining libraries - a new shelving system will be used. In preparation for this change all the books in the libraries concerned will be given new call numbers.

In the new library, some of the books will be stored in the open access; most of them however will be kept in stack. Information specialists will select the books that are to be placed in the open access in the Forum. The collection must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Present a good picture of the fields of research and education at Wageningen UR
  • Be factual and provide a good overview per discipline
  • Include enough reference books, such as dictionaries, encyclopaedias, etc.
  • Include enough textbooks.

This whole operation was started some time ago. For users, this means that until the move, books in the various locations will have different call numbers than in the past. In most locations there will be three categories of collections:

  • Books intended for the future open access with the new shelving system
  • Books intended for stack; books that still need to be processed and which are therefore still have the old call numbers
  • Material, which due to the move, and with regard to doubling up, will be removed from the collection (at some stage these will be offered to staff and students or sent to another 'good home').

This situation is not at all practical for the users, but fortunately it is only a temporary measure and the library staff is always prepared to explain things or to help you find the book you require. An overview of the new call numbers with a short description is available at the counter.

    (newsletter 7-2005)