New strategic focus for Akkerweb

Published on
September 18, 2019

The Akkerweb Foundation was established in 2016 by Agrifirm and Wageningen University & Research (WUR). Akkerweb, a joint initiative between WUR and Agrifirm to create an innovative geo-based smart farming platform, had a successful launch and quickly attracted more than 4,000 users. Over the past three years, the Akkerweb platform has clearly demonstrated its value to the arable farming sector as well as to WUR’s research and Agrifirm’s business operations.

The platform's strategic objectives and positioning are currently being reviewed. Wageningen University & Research is going to expand Akkerweb's role in the research and teaching carried out in Wageningen. At the same time, WUR also plans to further develop the added value and required data governance of the platform for current and future private sector partners.

Agrifirm will be leaving the Akkerweb Foundation as of 1 January 2020, and Akkerweb will from that date onwards be fully managed by WUR. Agrifirm will be taking three apps currently hosted on Akkerweb and considered to be of strategic importance to its operations, and transfer them to their own platform. Agrifirm intends to continue using a number of apps on Akkerweb.

The broadening of Akkerweb’s objectives and its new positioning under WUR will not affect the close cooperation between Agrifirm and WUR in the coming years. The collaboration will be continued, with a shared focus on delivering innovation and added value to Dutch agriculture.