New way of searching databases

Published on
December 29, 2010

In the Wageningen UR Library’s catalogue, users can search by specific fields such as title, author and keyword, just as they can in other library catalogues. Once they receive the results, users can refine them by publication year, type of document, etc. Many users find this difficult and want to be able to search more easily. Google has become a kind of standard in looking for information; users expect that the search happens quickly, that results are arranged by relevancy and that typos are corrected. They also like to see suggestions, such as how to refine their search parameters, with their results.

To partially meet these wishes, the Library is working on a new indexing and search functionality in the catalogue and other databases using Solr. This new interface will soon be offered in the digital library catalogue. The interface will initially be offered in addition to the old catalogue and then it will replace it.

(Newsletter 6-2010)