Oak Processionary Moth on campus

Published on
May 27, 2019

You are likely to find a red/white ribbon around the trunks of various oak trees on campus with the message ‘Pas op, processierups’ (Beware, processionary caterpillars). These caterpillars ‘shoot’ out tiny hairs when moving or under threat, which can cause itching and other allergic reactions.

The firm Donkergroen will remove the nests soon and will continue to monitor the situation. Please avoid the trees if possible, or at least do not sit under them.

If you nevertheless came into contact with the stinging hairs, use adhesive tape to remove the hairs. Or rinse the skin with water. If necessary, use a soothing mentholated ointment to reduce irritation. The symptoms usually fade but visit your doctor if you have serious complaints.

Eikenprocessierups op campus