Omid Noroozi as Executive Board Member of ISTES, Editor-in-Chief for IJTE, and President and Scientific Chair of ICSES 2022 Conference

Published on
June 29, 2022

Our ELS colleague, Omid Noroozi has been recognized as the executive board member of theInternational Society for Technology, Education, and Science (ISTES).

The ISTES is an international organization that seeks to improve the theory and research in all fields of technology, education, and science. The ISTES organizes conferences, publishes international publications and provides scholars with other academic opportunities for professional development.

On this capacity, Omid has been appointed as Editor-in-Chief for the International Journal of Technology in Education (IJTE). TheIJTE is a peer-reviewed scholarly online journal (ISSN: 2689-2758) that is indexed in EBSCO and ERIC. The IJTE publishes articles quarterly and welcomes research papers on educational technology. The IJTE isaffiliated with the ISTES.

Omid has also been recognized as the president and scientific chair for International Conference on Studies in Education and Social Science (ICSES) in 2022. The ICSES conference is held yearly in Turkey and supported by the ISTES. The ICSES conference invites submissions that address the theory, research, and applications in the field of education and social sciences. The submitted papers go through a peer-review process and accepted papers will be published in the conference handbook which is indexed in SCOPUS.