Tool tip #5: organise the information you find online with Weava

Published on
December 5, 2018

In the series of 'Tool tips', Library staff reviews handy research tools. Think of tools that can help you with publishing your research, accessing literature, and handling data. This tool tip introduces Weava, a free Chrome extension that saves and organises information you find online.

Staying up to date in a research field requires reading, reading and more reading. And it’s not only journal articles you read but the whole web of information! This makes it challenging to keep track of what you’ve read, where you’ve read it, and why it was relevant. If this sounds familiar, it’s worth taking a look at Weava.

With Weava you can highlight and save snippets of text you find online on a webpage or in a PDF. You can colour-code your highlights, add notes, and structure them in folders and subfolders. You can also work with locally stored PDFs.

Weava runs in the background while you visit webpages. Saving, editing, organising and browsing your notes is easy. On your personal dashboard, you see your notes side by side with the original websites/PDFs (as shown in the image).

Watch this short video to see how the tool works. Want to give it a try? Visit the Weava website to download the extension and create an account.

Weava (5 Dec 2018)
Weava (5 Dec 2018)