Out of the closet... Marianne Renkema on Copyright

Published on
December 29, 2010

Dr Marianne Renkema is an information specialist in the fields of agricultural engineering, food sciences and human nutrition. She coordinates the course “Information Literacy” and has been following the developments within copyright for some time.

I started investigating the issue of copyright within the Library because I noticed that quite a few researchers and lecturers know little about copyright and, for this reason, don't properly manage their copyrights or those of others. I’d like to raise the awareness on the issue of copyright not only by publishing information on the Library's website but also by actively approaching people or groups.

An important example where copyright plays a role is Wageningen Yield, the database with Wageningen UR publications, which is increasingly receiving more full-text entries. Some publications can be shown online without a problem while others are restricted because the author transferred the copyright to the publisher during the publication process. But, an author doesn’t always have to transfer copyright. Moreover, when publishing the article for the first time, an author can negotiate with the publisher about retaining copyright on the work’s reuse.

Copyright also plays a role in education. Course readers are often a collection of copyrighted publications. Instructors should find out the extent to which each article may be copied. A publication can fall under the reader agreement that the university has signed with the PRO Foundation, but agreements can also be made directly with the publishers about reusing publications. The latter are usually more favourable. A flow chart will soon be published on our website to clarify which rules apply and which actions have to be undertaken with publications.


Marianne Renkema
Aquila Weijers

(Newsletter 6-2010)